We received 100+ photo submissions. Thank you to everyone who joined the fun, and congratulations to the winners!

We are delighted to have so many creative minds among our employees.


Mateusz – @sir_pravy

Day 1, LIGHT – Monday, July 12th

Light passing through poppy petals appears truly magical! We also love the summer atmosphere of the meadow basked in the setting sun. With such a light heart, we are happy to announce the first daily challenge winner!

Magda – dzozefowelove, Light

Day 2, COLORS – Tuesday, July 13th

We asked, and YOU decided what the summer blend was. Here are the results: yellow, blue, and green hues illuminated by many shades of black for the sharp contrast have truly given color to our Summer Photo Challenge! And the magical resemblance to the sun setting in the rippled sea… here’s yesterday’s winner!

Mateusz– sir_pravy, Colors

Day 3, HISTORY – Wednesday, July 14th

You take a step and find yourself facing a 19th-century architectural gem. Thousands of locks keeping the secrets from the past, hundreds of bricks that remember each and every lust. You take another step, and there’s the bustling, modern European city… was it a dream? Check the winning picture featuring HISTORY and find out yourself!

Włodzimierz – wlodzimierzkupski, History

Day 4, MOTION / FREEZE – Thursday, July 15th

And here I have you! Floating in the air, taking great care, to freeze the time, and help me write this rhyme! The scene probably happened in the blink of a (camera’s) eye as the characteristic blur has been captured by the shutter as well. Utterly breathtaking; do not wait any longer and check the winning picture featuring MOTION / FREEZE yourself!

Polskigrafik.nl – Motion Freeze

Day 5, BLURRED BACKGROUND – Friday, July 16th

Without any doubt, flowers are the best corona-proof models for taking the perfect portrait shot! And what if not the sunflower could be a better symbol of summer? On top of the terrific relation between the foreground and background in terms of contrast, shading, exposition, and depth of field. It’s high time to shed light on the winning picture featuring BLURRED BACKGROUND!

Claudio– claudiotryggvasonfuriosi,  Blurred Background

Day 6, NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY – Saturday, July 17th

Okay, sea-men and sea-women, time to shake out the sails! Nights are still one of the shortest, and there’s a long voyage ahead, under cover of darkness. The setting sun’s fortunately here to guide us, and trust me, views will just get better on the high seas. But for now, time to set a course for Saturday’s winning picture featuring NIGHT PHOTOGRAPHY!

moodments._– Night Photography

Day 7, VEHICLES – Sunday, July 18th

This holiday road trip we’ve been all longing for so long turns out to be in the classic Chevrolet Nova of 1963! Crossing forests and fields, nothing really yields, on the road as they say, to the weekend getaway! We don’t know where the driver will actually go, but what we’re sure about is the winning picture featuring VEHICLES!

Florentin – florentinborbely, Vehicles

Day 8, REFLECTIONS – Monday, July 19th

“Mirror, mirror on the wall…” is a window after all! Look closely, and inside you’ll see a smiling person holding a phone. Look again, and outside there’s the cityscape blending foreground with the background. Another glimpse, and you’ll even spot the reflection of the photographer himself! Look… actually, you don’t need to look anywhere else as the winning picture featuring REFLECTIONS is here!

Claudio– claudiotryggvasonfuriosi,  Reflections

Day 10, SKY – Wednesday, July 21st

All of the Dutch weather in one picture? Yes, it is totally possible! For sun then rain, who can explain, the clouds that came, if not right frame! One day, you have to experience it all by yourself so that to understand… But for now, you can already check the winning picture featuring SKY and get an authentic view of the Netherlands straight from wherever you are!

Patrycja – patrycja.schindler, sky

Day 11, TEXTURES / PATTERNS – Thursday, July 22nd

Flower-power alert! The aesthetics of this one, its vivid colors, delicacy of petals, and fragrance of pollens, affect all our senses. Even though it’s on screen, this floral queen, eases the mind, of humankind, with sweetness and spiral, making love go viral! So yes, enjoy the Friday afternoon, admiring the winning picture featuring TEXTURES / PATTERNS!

Katarzyna – katiuszka89w, Textures

Day 12, WATER (SPLASH!) – Friday, July 23rd

Here’s to the summer creativity: Days getting hotter? Then splash the water! Yes, quite literally. It is the freedom combined with pure happiness and spontaneity that will make the result genuinely unique. Still can’t imagine how this might turn out? Then check the winning picture featuring WATER (SPLASH!) for some inspiration!

Claudio– claudiotryggvasonfuriosi,  Water Splash

Day 13, HUMAN IN THE CITY – Saturday, July 24th

Have you ever passed by, without saying “hi”? We hope you won’t from now on, especially when we are so close to normalcy! To make it fully corona-proof, even offering a smile a day, will keep the doctor away! The abstract approach of the winning picture featuring HUMAN IN THE CITY made us all laugh and appreciate the beauty of longed street life. Check it out yourself for a moment of nostalgia.

Ewelina – nestuniatko, Human in the city

Day 14, HOLIDAY VIBE – Sunday, July 25th

Getting the summer tan? Only on a catamaran! After all, what could better summarize the holiday vibe if not a long-awaited chill by the sea? It gets even better when there’s the possibility of basking in the sun directly on the open sea! With literal sentiment and warmth, here’s the final daily challenge winner with a picture featuring HOLIDAY VIBE!

Claudio– claudiotryggvasonfuriosi,  Holiday Vibe


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