Sunbathing? Sure, let me grab some sunscreen first!

Without any doubt, sunbathing accompanies every summer chill. We love sunbathing by the water, in the garden, or while strolling around the town in the setting sun.

Sun is definitely our best friend. It makes our skin produce vitamin D, which is crucial for bone strength, mental health, and the proper functioning of the immune system. Yet, direct sunlight can also easily harm us if we don’t apply basic protective measures. Those should make up your daily routine whenever you go outside!

Stick to those simple rules and sunbathe responsibly:

  • There’s never enough sunscreen. (Re)apply it regularly, especially if you swim in the meantime.
  • Avoid the midday sun. Ultraviolet rays are then the strongest, and it’s easiest to get sunburnt.
  • Cover exposed skin with long-sleeved clothing and grab a hat before going outdoors.
  • Don’t forget about your eyes–wear sunglasses, guys!

Even if spending time outside is not your thing, remember about getting your daily vitamin D dose from other sources. It’s best to avoid tanning salons and focus instead on eating food rich in it, like fatty fish, fortified dairy products, veggie juices, or cereal.