The Netherlands! A country of bicycles

  • The Netherlands is the best cycling country in Europe, according to the European Cyclists’ Federation (ECF).
  • On average, the Dutch cycle up to 15 billion kilometres per year, which is on average more than 880 kilometres per person!
  • The Netherlands has more than 35000 kilometres of cycle paths and free bike parking almost everywhere.
  • There are 22.8 million bicycles in the Netherlands! That is, on average, 1.3 bikes per person.

Health benefits of biking

  • By cycling you live longer – daily physical activity extends life expectancy by no less than 3 – 14 months! This is due to the health benefits that the daily movement brings.
  • Cycling contributes to reducing obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease risk.
  • Cycling makes you happier – it improves your mood, as it stimulates breathing and circulation. It reduces stress and depressive feelings in general.
  • Cycling is corona proof!

Environment friendly

  • With every 4 kilometres you travel by bike, you prevent the emission of 1 kg of CO2.

Fast mean of transport

  • In the city, the cyclist reaches the destination on average 5% faster than the motorist