Mango-Banana-Kale Smoothie with Nutella

Beware! Green daydream—an energy and nutrient bomb’s coming!

Even if you always preferred to skip your greens, you won’t say no to this freshening vitamin and protein mix.


250 g kale, finely chopped

400 ml milk, unsweetened

2 bananas, sliced

150 ml Greek yoghurt

100 g mango, cut into chunks

4 tbsp Nutella

2 tbsp honey, to taste


    1. Chop kale, slice banana, and cut mango into chunks.
    2. Place in a large cup or blender (preferably in the given order) kale, milk, mango, banana, yoghurt, Nutella, and honey.
    3. Blend until fully smooth. Add more milk if you like it less creamy.
    4. You can also add banana slices on top of your smoothie.