How to rest to actually get rested

This may sound ironic, as rest seems to be as common and natural as breathing or eating. Yet, we often find ourselves rushing through chores and job duties without even a chance to catch a breath. As we are all humans, we need to stop at times and rest. Giving body and mind some time to relax, reset and recharge, is also crucial for our health and wellbeing. Here are 5 tips on how to rest to actually get rested that you can quickly build into your everyday routine.

Breathe deeply.

It couldn’t get more accessible and powerful at the same time. All you have to do is to inhale, filling your belly for as long as you would slowly move your finger from the other hand’s wrist to the top of the thumb. Then, exhale, emptying your belly for as long as you would do precisely the opposite. This way, your body can calm down quickly, and your mind gets destressed effectively. What’s even better, you can do this exercise anywhere and at any time!

Go outside into nature.

The benefits of nature and the outdoors are countless. Here, in no way do you need a whole wilderness experience to relax your body and mind, as a 5-minute walk outside would also do the job well. Breathing fresh air, admiring trees moving to the wind, or listening to birds singing should also make you escape worries and bothers. If you can’t make it outside, consider getting a plant to look after. It will give you plenty of space to appreciate nature from the comfort of your place!

Establish a bedtime routine.

Ever felt tired but couldn’t fall asleep at all? Or slept the entire night but woke up fatigued? Then the healthy bedtime routine might prove crucial to making you feel finally relaxed at night! First, try going to bed exactly at the same time each night. Then, avoid caffeinated drinks up to 4 hours before you sleep. Third, dim the lights in your bedroom and put away electronic devices up to 1 hour before your bedtime. Doing all this can boost your sleep-inducing melatonin levels!

Communicate your thoughts and emotions.

When you feel like thoughts are rushing through your mind way too quickly, it might be a sign that your mind needs an overhaul reset. In the information age, such a state can frequently happen, even if you feel physically rested. The best way of defense is to communicate your thoughts, be it talking to a friend or writing down in a journal. Any safe space where you can express your feelings comfortably will ease your mind and help you quit any negative or stressful emotions.

Practice yoga and meditation.

Any form of light exercise performed daily is a great way to practice mindfulness. Yet, yoga and meditation take the lead here to help you quit the rush and start living in the present moment. Both engage your body and breaths, which prepares the ground for finding inner peace. From there, getting the much-needed rest is just a matter of seconds. If you don’t know where to start, check out our previous posts featuring easy yoga sessions led by Roksana!