Doulingo Hovering method

Have you tried learning a language with Duolingo yet?
Yes? Great! The hovering technique can make your learning process more pleasant and effective.

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How is a Duolingo language course structured?

Duolingo language courses are divided into UNITS.

Each UNIT contains SKILLS. Skills are chapters relating to particular subject areas (e.g. animals) or grammar areas (e.g. plural).

Each SKILL can be trained up to a certain number of LEVELS, which are marked with a CROWN.

To achieve a level, you need to go through a certain number of LESSONS.

When you achieve LEVEL 1 in a new SKILL, the next skill is unlocked.

So, what is the hovering technique all about?

Basically, it means working on a few skills at different levels at the same time.

Practical example:

  • Bring the first skill to level 1
  • Move to the second skill and bring it to level 1 as well
  • Go back to first skill and level it up
  • Go to the second skill again and level it up
  • Move to the third skill and bring it to level 1
  • And so on…

The level 1 lessons always introduce new vocabulary and grammar. All the following levels of that skill are to deepen that material.

Hovering across multiple skills helps you maximize learning by practicing what you’ve already studied while continuing to learn new material.