Dutch Cycling Routes

The whole of the Netherlands is covered with cycling junctions. There is a total of 40 cycle route networks that connect seamlessly. Ideal for planning and cycling a day trip.  

You can opt for a fine selection of Themed routes prepared by nederlandfietsland.nl, or you can easily plan a cycling trip yourself with the Cycling route planner. 

We will show you how to navigate the website to get the most out of it! 

Watch the video and explore the Netherlands by bike!

Junction routes

You determine the route and the number of kilometres you want to cycle. You cycle from junction to junction. Each junction has a number and usually also an information panel. The routes between two junctions are marked in two directions with white-green junction signs. 

You can simply write down the junction numbers of your route and get on your bike! 

photo koopunt LF
photo koopunt

What are LF Routes? 

Long-distance national cycle routes, which are perfect for multi-day cycle trips.

You will find more information about LF Routes here:  

Long-distance cycling routes, great for cycling holidays | Holland Cycling Routes 

Fietsknoop app 

Cycling app for junction routes 

Create and share your own cycling routes along junctions and experience how fun recreational cycling is! 

Click here to download the app: www.fietsknoop.nl 

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