Learning a language with Duolingo becomes even more fruitful, and your motivation even stronger, when you are familiar with the functionalities and understand the scheme of the application.

So! Learn the ins and outs of Duolingo and get to work! You too can learn a foreign language!


The home screen is designed as a path that you’ll follow step by step.


The circles in the path are called levels. The ring around the circle shows your progress through lessons for that level. Once the level is complete it’s marked with a check; you can still perform reviews of a completed level or prove your proficiency with Legendary challenge.


When you tap on a level, you’ll start a lesson. There are about 5 lessons in each level.


Your learning path is divided into units, which introduce new concepts (e.g. “Use reverse word order” or “Describe colors”).


At the start of each unit is a guidebook packed with grammar tips and useful phrases. The guidebook can be accessed any time, even when you complete the unit. NOTE: Guidebooks are not available for all languages.


Once you complete all the levels in a unit, you’ll complete a challenge to earn your unit trophy. You’ll also have the option to earn the Legendary trophy for each unit.


When you successfully complete Legendary challenges on every level of a given unit, a Legendary status will apply to the entire unit.


You may see reward chests throughout your learning path. Once you reach a chest, tap to receive your gem reward. You must open the chest in order to continue further in the path.


Gems are virtual currency. You can earn gems through chests in your learning path, earning XP, achievements, etc. You can use your Gems for a variety of app features, such as a streak freeze, heart refill.


experience points

You will earn XP by completing levels on your learning path, review sessions, through Ramp Up or Legendary challenges. XP count for your Leaderboard position.


You will start out with 5 Hearts each day and you can lose Hearts by incorrect answers.  If you run out of Hearts, and you wish to continue learning, you can restore a Heart by practicing, or you can refill Hearts with Gems. Typically, your next Heart will refill itself every 5 hours, so your total of five Hearts will restore within 25 hours.