Choose swimming location wisely

(why not rivers and canals)

There is plenty of water in the Netherlands and we want you to take advantage of it and enjoy the summer. We are also very keen to make swimming safe for you.

Although there are so many water basins in the Netherlands, not all of them are suitable for swimming.

Where is swimming not allowed?

Rivers, canals, ferry routes, harbours, boats waiting areas and mooring places.

Swimming in these areas as well as jumping of bridges is very dangerous and can result in €150 fine! Why is it dangerous?

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So where can you swim?

There are hundreds of swimming-designated places all over the Netherlands. You can find them all at You can search for locations on a map here, check the facilities available at a selected beach, and feel confident that the water is safe and clean. Just ready for swimming!

SWIMMING IS FUN! When you get in and out of the water safely