Enjoy cycling – avoid fines

Here is a short guide to the most common bicycle rules in the Netherlands.
Beware of them and cycle safely!

Phones and mobile devices

  • Hands-free calling and listening to music is allowed – make sure you can still hear the ambient noise.
  • Phone holder on the bike is allowed.
  • Holding a phone or any other device in your hand is not allowed: fine €95.

Bike equipment: €35 – €55 fine

  • Bell – is required, and its lack may result in a fine.
  • Lights – mandatory in the hours of darkness; front one must be yellow or white, back one must be red.
  • Reflectors – mandatory on wheels and pedals, on front and back of the bike.
  • Helmet is not mandatory but increases your safety!

Traffic rules: €35 – €150 fine

  • Stay in your lane – always stick to the right side of the two-way lane.
  • Stick to the one-way cycle lane on the right side of the road.
  • Always cycle on a mandated cycle path whenever available.
  • Roundabouts: make sure you enter in the right direction and indicate with your right hand when exiting.
  • Cycling against traffic is not allowed.
  • Cycling on footpaths is not allowed.
  • Cycling on motorways and highways is not allowed.
  • Don’t cross on the red light!
  • Overtaking at the right side or the crosswalk is not allowed.

Behaviours: €35 – €100 fine

  • Don’t cycle under the influence.
  • Always indicate a turn with your hand.

Give priority: €55 – €150 fine

  • To a bus or tram at a stop.
  • To passengers disembarking a bus or tram.
  • To pedestrians at a zebra crossing.
  • At a stop sign.
  • At a yield line (“shark teeth”).