4 Tips how to learn efficiently

You must have asked yourself many times how to speed up your progress when learning a language. Each of us has a different way of absorbing new knowledge. Some people spend several hours a day studying new words. Others buy magic glasses for a lot of money. There is no right method, each of us has to choose a way of learning that suits us. Below we would like to present you 4 tips on how to speed up the learning of a new language.

It doesn’t matter if you want to learn to play the guitar or sew on a machine. You always start with the smallest steps. Do the same with a new language. 15-30 minutes of learning a day will be better than several hours of non-stop dry-learning. You have to choose the time that suits you. It is better to feel unsatisfied than to feel overfull.

It is often the case that when we learn something new, we start learning with great enthusiasm. We have a lot of energy which we want to devote to learning and that’s great! However, in order not to get bored with learning quickly, you need to dose yourself with it regularly, in small amounts, so that your brain can absorb the knowledge! You can spread out your learning over several days, repeating chapters and vocabulary for up to 5 minutes a day, then your brain will absorb the new concepts faster.

When learning languages it is very important to listen to the way a word is said. But who likes boring listening to vocabulary? Nobody! There are many interesting podcasts in different languages adapted to your level from A0 to C2. https://thedutchonlineacademy.com/en/podcast You can also watch your favorite series with subtitles. It’s best if they are episodes you already know and have seen several times. Then it will be easier for you to learn them. Children’s stories are also good – yes exactly! Peppa pig or paw patrol are waiting!

It is important to cherish the language you are learning, as there is a good chance you will forget it! In the same way, if you don’t use a word in your mother tongue, chances are you will forget it after a while. Don’t have anyone to talk to? No problem! There are lots of free websites and apps where you can chat with people and make new friends. One of them is: www.interpals.net – a social network for people who want to learn a new language. You can write there with people from all over the world!