20 minutes workout: FULL BODY cardio

Intermediate level

A cardio workout which is a continuation of the full body workout where we work on: fitness, weight loss, and fat burning.

If you have trained with Roksana over the last few weeks, you are ready for a new challenge.

If you missed the preparatory workout for this phase, you can still watch it here and after a few workouts enter the intermediate level.

Training plan:

4 rounds

5 exercises – 60 seconds each

  • Exercise 1 | V Step and 2 jumps
  • Exercise 2 | Sideways and 2 kicks
  • Exercise 3 | Heel to Buttocks
  • Exercise 4 | Twist
  • Exercise 5 | Knee high and 2 jumping jacks

Enjoy the workout x @roksannasmagacka