GoodHabitz: Social Intelligence

Social intelligence is the capacity to communicate and form relationships with empathy and assertiveness.

Some people develop social intelligence without really trying, others have to work to develop it, and this is where GoodHabitz and Social Intelligence course come in.

Invest time in your personal development, it will pay off!

Click the link, take the course, and connect with others easily!

During the course you will work on:

  • Taking responsibility in social situations
  • Recognising the difference between social skills and social awareness
  • Assessing your own social intelligence
  • Choosing between the high road and the low road in your brain
  • Being open to feedback in order to boost your social skills
  • Observing and exploring social situations
  • Responding to social situations appropriately, by asking questions
  • Being aware of your strengths and weaknesses
  • Accepting situations and people
  • Exploring and developing your social intelligence
  • Practising mindfulness in order to increase your social intelligence

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