Learn how to be a Leader

This GoodHabitz course selection will help you understand the principles of working in leadership and coaching positions. Moreover, they will get you prepared for a new career path.

Start today and grow!

I want that job

Found the job of your dreams? Once you’ve taken this training course, they’d be fools not to hire you.

goodhabitz coaching management

Coaching management

You’re no boss! You’re a coach! As a coaching manager, you fuel fun, independence, and peak performance. This course will teach you how.

Engage ‘Em

It’s your team that determines the success of your organisation. Is everyone on the same page? Great, then you’re ready to move mountains together!

Stick to the plan

Disciplined people are healthier, happier, and more successful! Guess what? Discipline is like a muscle, so better start your willpower workout today!

Managing expectations

Do you want to be able to deal with expectations in order to prevent disappointment? Learn how in this course.

Asking for feedback

Dying to hear how you’re doing? Hungry for feedback? This course will help you find the right way to ask for it.


Own your work! Be engaged, take responsibility, and feel good after a hard long day at work.

goodhabitz take the lead

Take the lead

Want to impact, inspire, know when and how to offer support and guidance while staying true to yourself and your vision? Here’s your manual.

Sixty Second Delegating

Ready to master the art of letting go? Then start by confidently delegating some of your tasks! This training course will teach you exactly how.