GoodHabitz: Kicking Social Media

Are you addicted to your smartphone, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or other social media? Do you wish you spent more time out in the real world? This course will teach you how to use your phone sensibly.

Click the link and start Kinking Social Media today!

During the course you will work on:

  • Recognising the influence of your smartphone and of social media
  • Mapping the role social media play in your life
  • Using your smartphone sensibly
  • Training your discipline and self-control
  • Setting clear goals to limit your social media use
  • Resisting the temptations your smartphone has to offer
  • Using tools in the fight against your smartphone
  • Going from multitasking to single-tasking
  • Ensuring a positive social media experience at all times
  • Finding the right balance between being online and being offline

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